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New to web3 and NFTs? We have you covered. Web3 EDU is our free workshop to get you setup and ready to navigate the metaverse.


Launch your own NFT project

We teach you, support you and help you launch a generative NFT project that appeals to the cultural sensibilities of NFT collectors.

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“NFTs are an amazing tool for artists. I literally make money while I sleep from secondary royalties. I have thousands of artworks available for sale and I didn’t have to pay for materials or rent a storage unit to make it happen. NFTs have change the game for my art practice. And now I want to help other artists succeed too.”


Create Your Art Files

Apply to have a call with Matty. He will explain how to translate your art practice into a generative NFT project.

We have templates and an entire community of artists here to support you through the process.


Approve Your Collection

You will have full creative control over the project.

You get to work with our team of creative technologists to make your project come to life.

We will help you write smart contracts, syndicate to marketplaces, and promote your project to our network of collectors.


Build an NFT Collector Base

We will automagically turn your art files into thousands of unique artworks to help you connect with the maximum number of collectors with minimal effort.

Our strategy allows collectors to get acquainted with your practice, have skin in the game, and become long term supporters.

“I had a great experience working with Matty, Anna, and everybody at Open3. Their insight into every area of web3 was invaluable. I’d definitely work with them again on future projects.”

“If you want to operate at web3 speed, Open3 is the collaborative partner you want on your side.”