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OfficialWINO Wine Club

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Are you a degen who loves IRL wine? Ya, us too. Make your digital status as a wine lover & tastemaker official, and secure your spot at the front-of-the-line for each of our upcoming limited-edition, collectible, token-access IRL wine drops through Wine3's “OfficialWINO Wine Club.”


Wine3 is bringing wine to the metaverse in a very IRL way. An OfficialWINO Wine Club, instant utility, wines with your favorite NFTs as labels—the possibilities are as close to endless as they get. With wines from Walla Walla, Washington, Nocking Point is fueling Wine3 utility with 10 years of premium wines and a community of Winos rearing to drink together. Unlock access and get queued up before the only queue you’re in is waiting on the secondary.